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ultra compact surfaces

The term “ultra compact surface” is used to describe a completely new countertop surface that is made by putting the raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, under extreme heat and pressure to create and almost indestructible material. Ultra compact surfaces were created as an improvement to other countertop surfaces like quartz (Silestone®), granite, marble, and solid surface (Corian®).

What makes ultra compact surfaces almost indestructible? It’s the extreme heat and pressure in the manufacturing process, and when we say “extreme” heat and pressure we mean it. Ultra compact surfaces are typically baked at 2191º Fahrenheit (that’s 1200º Celsius), and compressed at 5900 pounds per square inch. In fact, the press that the makes the product Dekton® by Cosentino® is the largest press of its kind in the world at 25,000 tons.